No - Cost Conservation Devices

We offer easy-to-use, simple, water saving devices to our residential and commercial customers at no cost. These items feature a range of features to help you use water efficiently, and they are easy to install on your own using basic tools typically found in homes or businesses (pliers, adjustable wrench, or screwdriver).
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High Efficiency Toilet Distribution Program

Receive a Niagara Stealth toilet (0.8 gallons per flush) at no cost to you (first come, first served). Contact the conservation department at 760-247-6484 for details on the next scheduled toilet distribution.

Hot Water Recirculating Pump Rebate

We are currently offering a $75 rebate for the purchase and installation of a hot water recirculating pump in your home. Recirculating pumps provide hot water at your taps on demand, eliminating the water waste incurred when waiting for your water to come to the desired temperature.

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Combine our $75 rebate with an equipment manufacturer rebate from AquaMotion to save EVEN MORE!

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Landscape Drip Irrigation Kit

Conserve water and save money by watering your plants directly with drip irrigation. Stop wasteful overspray and enjoy healthier plants while using less water. Water saving drip system, ideal for watering shrubs, trees and ground covers.

Save Our Water

California’s Department of Water Resources (DWR) may provide rebates for removing turf and replacing it with landscapes that require little water at California single-family residences. Visit the Save Our Water website for more information.

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No-Cost Water Survey

Looking to save water, but aren't sure where to start?  Let Liberty Utilities help you for free! 

We offer in-person appointments to help you go over your current usage at your home or business and provide advice and programs that may help you conserve.

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