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Regulatory Information

Regulatory Information

This page provides links to Liberty Utilities Company’s proceedings and notices with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

SB998 Reporting

Click below for information on Liberty’s service disconnections pursuant to Section 116918 of the California Water Shutoff Protection Plan (Senate Bill 998). SB998 requires "an urban and community water system to report the number of annual discontinuations of residential service for inability to pay on the water system's internet website and to the board."

SB998 Reporting

Tribal Land Transfer Notifications

January 2024 - March 2024

January 2023 - December 2023

January 2021 - September 2022

Full Cost Pricing of Utility Services 

No doubt some water utilities are waiting for the dawn of a new era of federal public works programs with outright grants to provide for the upkeep of their pipes, pumps and treatment facilities. The federal treasury is a far-off solution, one that raises many issues of efficiency and equity on a national scale, pitting the older systems of the Northeast and upper Midwest against the newer systems of the Sunbelt and West.

A case can be made that rate payers are not anywhere near paying for the full cost of our nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure. Liberty Utilities revenue requirements, the amount of money needed for us to operate and maintain facilities, cover capital expenses, and provide an opportunity to earn a return on our investments are evaluated. Rates to collect that revenue are set by the CPUC. Liberty Utilities rates reflect the true cost of water and are not subsidized by property taxes or other outside funding.