Vegetation Management

Trees can cause power outages when branches rub against power lines, break and fall on lines or when trees are blown over on to power lines during storms. However, do not attempt to prune the trees yourself.

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Tree Safety & Vegetation Management FAQs

Laws and Regulations

Liberty Utilities is a California-based utility, regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Liberty Utilities will obtain a reasonable amount of clearance beyond the minimum requirements to allow for a several years’ worth of growth, potential wind sway and other environmental factors. Distance obtained from the line after a pruning cycle may be more than 20 feet for fast growing species such as poplars or elms along distribution lines.

There are rules and regulations designed to ensure public safety and electric service reliability. Major regulations covering vegetation management include:

  • Public Resource Code 4292: Firebreak Clearing

Utilities are required to maintain firebreaks around poles located in wild land areas during fire season that have certain equipment with the potential to emit sparks when operating properly.

  •  Public Resource Code 4293: State Responsibility

Utilities are required to maintain clearance between vegetation and high voltage power lines during fire season in wild land areas to prevent wild fires. Also requires removal of dead, diseased or dying trees that could fall into power lines.

  •  General Order 95: Utility Vegetation Management Requirements

Utilities are required to maintain clearance between vegetation and high voltage power lines at all times in all areas for public safety and electric system reliability.





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