Customer Programs are back with Modifications

Liberty is committed to providing effective programs to meet our customer’s conservation needs, but we take this pandemic seriously. We are now offering some of our programs again, with new safety measures in place. Read below to check out what is currently available.

No - Cost Conservation Devices

We offer easy-to-use, simple, water saving devices to our residential and commercial customers at no cost. These items feature a range of features to help you use water efficiently, and they are easy to install on your own using basic tools typically found in homes or businesses (pliers, adjustable wrench, or screwdriver).

The No-Cost Conservation Kit is available to our customers by applying on-line on our website. The kit will be delivered directly to your home via mail. The kit contains: 1 efficient hose nozzle, 1 soil moisture meter, 1 five-minute shower timer, 2 bathroom aerators, 1 kitchen sink aerator, toilet leak detection tablets and a device information flyer.

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Virtual Water Audit

Looking to save water, but aren't sure where to start?  Let Liberty Utilities help you for free! 

In order to continue assisting our customers during this time, Water Wise Consulting Inc. will do virtual water audits through video chat, FaceTime or phone. During the appointment, Water Wise Inc. will assist customer to read the water meter, show how to determine if there is a leak on their property, and inform them of any rebates or programs available to them.  

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Toilet Delivery Program - (No Install)

Water is a limited and precious resource, and it's up to us to use it wisely. Replacing an inefficient toilet is a simple, easy solution.

We are not continuing our High-Efficiency Toilet delivery program, providing qualifying customers with high efficiency toilets at no cost. Customers must have existing toilets that use at least 1.6 gallons per flush and have not participated in the program before. Installation is currently not available due to safety concerns.

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Available Rebates

SoCal Water$mart offer rebate programs for residents of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Rebates may be available for qualifying high-efficiency toilets, washers, and irrigation controls.

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Turf Replacement Program

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is offering a rebate to replace turf grass with a drought tolerant sustainable landscape. Learn more to see if your home may qualify.

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