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Useful Videos and Tips


We Want to Help You Conserve Water

Water is one of our most valuable commodities and California's conservation efforts continue to be important.  As your provider of this vital resource, Liberty wants to help you make every drop count. 

We have created this video library to make conservation a way of life as well as show you easy ways to save water, money, and energy.  Enjoy!

Water Cycle with Splashy

Explore the water cycle with Splashy and Sara to see how water moves through our environment!

Saving Water With Splashy

Splashy and Sandra team up to show you and your family how you can help save water at your home.

Build Your Own Groundwater Model

Did you know Liberty pumps groundwater to provide it to your home? Watch our video to learn how to create a groundwater model and see how groundwater moves, how our actions on the surface can impact our water supplies, and why conservation is so important. 

How to Isolate a Water Leak

This video walks you through the process of isolating water leaks to help prevent water waste.

Installing a Weather-Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC)

Save more water by installing a weather-based irrigation controller.

How to Read Your Water Meter

Water meters serve an important function to document water use for billing purposes, but can also be a helpful tool for customers to monitor usage, identify leaks and achieve their conservation goals.

How to Install Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a water efficient method of watering your lawn and/or plants. Liberty shows you how to install a drip irrigation system.

Edible Aquifer

This at-home activity is great to do with your kids and will teach them more about groundwater and the impact of our above-ground activities.

Create Your Own Water Cycle Model

Learn how the water cycle works by creating your own model.

How to Detect Common Household Leaks

Liberty shows you how to detect common household leaks and some common ways to fix them. We hope you find these tips helpful, and remember, if the problem persists, contact a licensed plumber. 

Planting Native Plants

Native plants are adapted to our local environmental conditions and require less water, saving time and money. In addition, you will provide vital habitat for birds and many other species of wildlife and see your landscape come alive.

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