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Conservation Tips - Residential - California Electric - Liberty

Take Control of Your Bills. Get Started With These Saving Tips.

We want to help you save. A few small steps could add up to big savings.

Energy Efficiency Tips

    • Turn off lights and appliances when not in use. Don’t forget your computer.
    • In the cold months, set the thermostat to 68° when home, and then back to 55-68° when unoccupied.
    • In the winter, open window coverings on the sunny side of your home to take advantage of free heat from the sun. Close the coverings on cloudy days or right after the sun sets.
    • In warm months, set the thermostat to 78-80° when home, and 5-10° warmer at night or when you’re not home.
    • In the cooling season, close blinds and drapes during the day to keep heat out.
    • Also, use your dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, and cook as late in the evening as possible.
    • Barbeque outdoors when practical. Reducing the heat coming into your home from any source, such as cooking, will reduce the load on your air conditioning.
    • Set your water heater to 120°.
    • Vacuum your refrigerator coils, underneath and in the back. They need air space to work.
    • Close foundation vents in the winter months.
    • Use compact fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent ones. This will typically save $1 per bulb changed out for bulbs running 4-6 hours per day.
    • Caulk windows and caulk weather-strip doors.
    • Install a hot water heater blanket.
    • Install hot water pipe insulation.
    • Install electrical outlet and switch plate insulation.
    • Clean your furnace system and check ducts for leaks.
    • Plant trees and shrubs on the south and west side of your residence.
    • Fix leaky faucets and install low-flow showerheads.
    • Use room fans to keep the air moving and reduce the feeling of heat in your home.
    • Replace furnace and air conditioner filters monthly.
    • Replace normal thermostats with programmable thermostats.
  •  Kitchen

    • Defrost your refrigerator once a month, vacuum coil on the back.
    • Give your refrigerator gasket the dollar bill test for leakage.
    • Use natural light as much as possible.
    • Turn on the energy-saver switch on the dishwasher.
    • Wash only full loads in dishwasher.

    Living Room

    • Turn off the TV when no one is watching it.
    • Shut the door immediately to keep cold air out and warm air in.
    • Close the windows, except in warm weather when a breeze can reduce your need for air conditioning.
    • Replace traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient ones.


    • Wash laundry with warm or cool water.
    • Wash only full loads.
    • Use your lowest dryer setting.


    • Take a shower instead of a bath.
    • Use a low-flow shower head to save water.
    • Take shorter showers.
    • Use low-flow faucet aerators.


    • Turn off lights when you leave a room for fifteen minutes or more.


    • Use curtains and drapes to keep out cold air or drafts, keep in heat.
    • Keep furniture away from heating vents.


    • Wrap pipes with insulation to reduce heat loss.
    • Change air filters when dirty.

Seasonal Savings

    • Once a week, check that the water level in the boiler heating system is half to three-quarters full. Check more often in cold weather
    • About once a month, cool down your boiler by opening the flush valve to drain out sediment. Then add water to proper level
    • Clean air filters on your warm air furnaces and air conditioners
    • Take down storm protection on windows and doors
    • Put screens on windows and storm doors
    • Install air conditioners
    • Enjoy cool breezes by opening your windows in the evening
    • Change or clean air filters in air conditioners once a month
    • Use air conditioners only when necessary
    • Repair all cracks in walls, windows and doors that can let cold air in or heat escape
    • Replace cracked caulking or missing weather-stripping
    • Install plastic interior storm windows
    • Have the heating system inspected
    • Check all radiators for working air vents
    • Clean windows to let the sun help heat your home

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