Liberty’s top priority is the customers and communities in its service area. As a water utility, one of the most critical investments is in water mains, service lines, valves, and hydrants to deliver a continuous flow of high-quality water to the communities Liberty serves. Infrastructure is updated and replaced when necessary, and regular maintenance is performed year-round.

“Liberty invests in infrastructure and maintains our system to protect water quality so we can continue to provide safe, reliable water service to our customers for generations to come,” said Frank Heldman, Director of Operations for Liberty’s California water service areas.

Liberty’s distribution team regularly maintains infrastructure and may replace it when necessary. Some tasks distribution operators perform include exercising valves throughout the water system to confirm they are working properly in the event of an emergency, flushing out the dead ends of water mains to maintain a high level of water quality, and testing the fire flow capacity of water mains. These tasks are essential to the continued delivery of safe, reliable water service to Liberty’s customers and communities.

Liberty prioritizes the safety of its customers and communities by maintaining infrastructure. To learn more about your water service, please visit