As required by California law, Liberty Utilities publishes all rate and tariff related documents. 

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Rate Case Process

The Public Utility Act of 1912 mandated that private utility companies such as Liberty Utilities be regulated. As a result, we are required to review our rates and file a General Rate Case every three years, we must submit a General Rate Case (GRC) application to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Performed every three years, the GRC is the major regulatory proceeding which provides the CPUC an opportunity to perform an exhaustive examination of Liberty Utilities operations and costs. The CPUC takes a broad, in-depth look at our revenues, expenses and financial outlook and considers the quality of service and other factors to arrive at just and reasonable rates.


Water Rate Information

Our customers pay a service charge, a fee for being connected to the system, which stays the same no matter how much water you use. This fee pays for a part of our fixed costs such as pipelines and wells. You also pay a quantity charge for each 100 cubic foot (1ccf) of water you use. 1ccf is 748 gallons. This charge covers our remaining fixed costs and variable costs such as gas, electricity and disinfection chemicals.


This video will give you an explanation on how water rates are set at Liberty Utilities, Park. We serve portions of the cities of Artesia, Bellflower, Compton, Lynwood, Norwalk, and Santa Fe Springs, CA.

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