Community Events 

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 Community Events 

  • Liberty Utilities Apple Valley and its partners, the Mojave Water Agency and Apple Valley Unified School District (AVUSD), are celebrating the renovation and opening of the school garden at the Yucca Loma Elementary School.

    The garden was originally created 10 years ago to encourage healthy eating and provide produce for families with limited resources.  Recently, it was outfitted with a food growing house and water-efficient irrigation through the expansion funded by a partnership between Liberty Utilities Apple Valley and the Mojave Water Agency. The latest improvements will help increase the garden’s harvest, while reducing its water footprint and providing valuable opportunities to educate students regarding nutrition, agriculture and efficient water irrigation.

    Liberty Utilities Apple Valley is proud to support the Yucca Loma Elementary School garden expansion. The garden will serve students, parents and the community in many ways, including as a venue for hosting educational workshops on how to create a garden and teaching the importance of sustainability and using water responsibly. In addition, the garden’s harvest will be shared with the school’s families for healthy eating.

  • Liberty Utilities hosted and Emergency Preparedness Fair and Open House on Saturday, September 23.  Attendees were able to learn about:

    • Disaster and emergency preparedness
    • Family emergency plans
    • Emergency resources and organizations in Apple Valley
    • How Liberty Utilities is prepared for any emergency in the community

    Attendees had an opportunity to speak with local public safety officers and enjoyed interative and educational exhibits like fire trucks, fire hydrants, and service vehicles.

  • We had an Interactive, superhero booth at Compton Unified School District's STEAMFest  where attendees were encouraged to "Float Your Boat" to learn about buoyancy (civil engineering).   Our engineering and operations teams dressed as the superheros that they are as they interacted with the students.

    If you have an event that you’d like Liberty Utilities to participate in, please contact Alison Vai, Alison.vai@libertyutilities.com.  

  • Over the summer, we are hosting two interns from Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District for 6 weeks.  Both Christian and Evelyn are interested in pursuing engineering careers.  Our departments will teach them what it takes to be in the water industry.   We are as excited to host as they are to learn!