Understanding My Bill

To help you better understand the terms used on your bill, an example bill is provided for reference to walk through each item and identify terms you may wish to look up. A reference Glossary of Terms summary is provided to help you navigate through to the description easily.


1. Contact Information

Includes the local customer service office address and hours of operation, customer service center phones numbers and website information.

2. Account Information

Includes customer name and billing address, service account number, service address and billing period.

3. Usage History

Includes a graph detailing bi-monthly water consumption over a three-year period.

4. Current Charge Activity

Includes a breakdown of the cost related to providing safe water and reliable service. The charges include three components:

  1. Water Usage: This is a charge for actual water used during the bill period. This charge is calculated by multiplying the CCF usage by the correlating tier rate (see #5 for calculation explanation).
  2. Service Charge: The service charge is applied to all customer bills regardless of their individual water consumption. This charge supports the total fixed costs to operate and maintain the water system.
  3. Surcharge, Fees & Credits: For a list of current surcharges and common surcredits, please click here.

5. Usage Breakdown

Includes a breakdown of the water usage charge for the current billing period.

6. Account Summary

Includes the total amount owed for current billing period. If a past payment is due, it will appear in red above the current charges.

7. Message Center

Includes important account updates and/or information about company policies, available services and programs, billing adjustments and more.

8. Payment Stub

Return the bottom portion of the bill with payment.

9. Payment Options

Includes convenient options for bill payment.

10. Water Use Restrictions

Includes information about local and state water-use restrictions and local drought guidelines, when applicable.

11. Customer Rate Assistance Programs

Includes explanation about available rate assistance programs.

12. California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Notice

A summary detailing customer options to dispute charges on your bill as required by the CPUC.