24-Hour Emergency Service

Our operations control center is open 24 hours a day to provide prompt response to service disruptions or emergencies. Please call us immediately at 800-481-9190 to report the following emergencies:

  • lack of water (other than for non-payment)
  • low water pressure
  • discoloration
  • an unusual taste or odor
  • a leak affecting your business

When the water company comes to your place of business, make sure they are who they say they are!

  • Liberty Utilities service personnel will:
    • NEVER invite themselves into your non-public work area.
    • Always announce themselves when entering your property, whether indoors or outdoors.
    • Attempt to contact you by phone if we need prolonged access to your property.
  • You should:
    • Always ask for identification.
    • Always call Liberty Utilities if someone from the “water department” invites themselves onto your property.
Public Safety Emergencies

An emergency occurs when an issue creates a dangerous situation that requires immediate action, such as a burst water main or a major sewage spill. Liberty Utilities is committed to keeping our communities safe. Call 911 immediately if there is an emergency that endangers public safety. If you experience low water pressure, or an outage, call Liberty Utilities directly at 800-481-9190. 


Para Español - Servicios de Emergencia las 24 Horas

Si Ud. está reportando una Emergencia o un Goteado, por favor llame al 800-481-9190  (7 días a la semana) para servicio inmediato. 

Llame para reportar las siguientes emergencias:
• Falta de Agua
• Baja presión de agua
• Descoloramiento
• Un sabor o olor inusual