As an electric utility, Liberty’s mission is to sustain energy and water for life. Liberty works to build pathways to a greener, cleaner future for its customers now and for generations to come. One way Liberty is doing so is with its transportation electrification efforts throughout the Tahoe region.

In the Tahoe region, transportation electrification is especially beneficial. Approximately, fifteen million tourists visit the Lake Tahoe area each year and, with increased charging station availability, more of these tourists will drive electric vehicles (EVs). The increased availability of charging stations will also make it easier for Liberty customers to charge and use EVs more often.

“One of the most exciting and important programs that Liberty offers is for high-powered charging. We see the need for high-powered charging both for people that live in our service area and the people who visit the Tahoe Basin and our other areas so that we can see more electric vehicles on the road,” said Matt Newberry, Project Manager for Liberty’s EV charging program. “These high-powered chargers help customers get a charge quickly and then move on to their destination.”

Liberty provides substantial support to selected fast charging locations, notably those that will directly or indirectly support small businesses. “To support more charging station installations, Liberty selects locations that are important but may not have otherwise been developed and gives substantial support to those charging locations,” said Newberry. “Supporting high-powered charging in strategic locations will help increase EV adoption throughout the Tahoe region.”

One of the locations Liberty selected is the Northstar California Resort in Truckee. In 2023, Liberty worked with EV Range to construct a high-power fast charging station that can be used by resort visitors and residents. The EV chargers have a 350-kilowatt charging option that can provide a substantial charge in just a few minutes. This location will serve EV owners traveling through the area and allow them to quickly charge their vehicles before hitting the slopes or continuing to their destination.    

Liberty is proud to uphold its commitment to sustainability in the communities it serves by collaborating with local organizations and businesses to support transportation electrification goals and efforts. To learn more about Liberty’s electric vehicle programs, please visit