Liberty would like to wish all our customers and communities a healthy and prosperous 2023. We are pleased to start the new year under new leadership.  Liberty recently promoted Lindsay Maruncic to Senior Director of Operations. Maruncic will oversee the day-to-day business as well as the development and implementation of business and organizational strategy. 

In her previous role as Director of Renewable Energy, Maruncic managed the development and implementation of Liberty’s 100% renewables, net zero initiative. Maruncic holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science, a Master of Business Administration degree in International Gas and Oil Management, a Master of Law in International Energy Policy and is currently working on a Master of Science degree in Finance.

“I am excited for the opportunity to lead Liberty’s operations moving forward and to continue our commitment in providing safe, reliable and sustainable electric service to our customers and communities,” said Maruncic.  “We have many important projects and priorities going into 2023, with our continued commitment to safety and reliability top of mind.”

In 2023, Liberty will continue its focus on wildfire mitigation infrastructure improvements, such as the installation of more covered conductor (wire), fuse replacements, and fast trip sensors.  Liberty’s vegetation management program will also continue its critical work of keeping lines and infrastructure clear of potential vegetation hazards to maintain safety and help reduce outages.  In addition to safety and reliability projects, Liberty will continue its efforts to reduce dependence on purchased power while further increasing its renewable energy generation portfolio.

“Although the renewable energy projects are exciting and in high demand by a lot of our customers, we recognize the frustration some have had with recent outages, and we are working very hard to evaluate and implement projects that further improve reliability,” said Maruncic. “Living in the mountains comes with serious weather events such as 100 mph winds, snowstorms that result in multiple feet of snow at once, and wildfires, all of which may result in power outages.  Liberty continues to prepare for these situations with the goal of reducing the frequency and duration of outages. However, we can’t prevent all outages and there may occasionally be extended outages, so we encourage all of our customers to be prepared for these situations.”

Liberty’s customers and communities remain its top priorities. Under Maruncic’s new leadership, Liberty will continue to support customers’ growing needs and expectations in the face of environmental challenges, new technologies, and increased safety regulations.