As an electric utility, Liberty’s mission is to sustain energy and water for life. Liberty works to build pathways to a greener, cleaner future for its customers now and for generations to come. One way Liberty is doing so is with its transportation electrification efforts throughout the Tahoe region.

Liberty worked with the Lake Tahoe Community College and the Tahoe Transportation District to design and build the utility infrastructure needed to charge electric transit buses. The infrastructure enables the electric buses to run a route, stop at the Lake Tahoe Community College Mobility Hub for a quick charge, and then get back out on road. In this way, Liberty is helping Lake Tahoe Community College’s students as well as the greater South Lake Tahoe community access sustainable and clean mass transit.   

“Two of our core values at Lake Tahoe Community College are sustainability and being the hub of our community, and those two values really converge with the Mobility Hub. It brings access for our students and community members to campus by making the electric charging station the center of the bus route and it also meets our sustainability needs where we’re helping demonstrate and support sustainability for our broader community,” said Jeff Defranco, President of Lake Tahoe Community College.

Liberty believes that electrification is the future of transportation. Electric vehicles such as the electric transit buses are more sustainable than gas-powered vehicles as they do not emit as much greenhouse gas, which helps to improve air quality. In addition to lower emissions, the electric buses also offer benefits such as lower operating costs, less maintenance, and less noise. 

“Liberty’s programs in supporting public transportation and the electrification of our fleets are critical.  Without the infrastructure to get people out of carbon-producing vehicles, we’re not going to make further headway in protecting our precious lake.  So, the electrification efforts that we’re doing with Liberty are critical to that success,” said Cindy Gustafson, 5th District Supervisor of Placer County and Tahoe Transportation District board member.

Liberty is proud to uphold its commitment to sustainability in the communities it serves by collaborating with local organizations and businesses to support transportation electrification goals and efforts. To learn more about Liberty’s electric vehicle programs, please visit