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Solar Incentive Program SIP - Residential - California Electric - Liberty

A program aiming to empower the underserved communities through financial savings with solar energy.

Liberty’s provides financial assistance to help offset costs of installing solar for organizations serving underserved residents and communities.

In 2024, approximately $1 million will be available for funding approved projects.

Scope and Eligibility for This New Solar Incentive Program

Liberty is no longer accepting applications from residential customers under the previous SIP program, as those program funds have all been allocated.

Now, Liberty is launching a new SIP program and is accepting applications for solar systems from certain qualified new applicants that support underserved members of the community, including residential multi-family housing, food banks, shelters, public schools, and other organizations.


Savings from Customer-Owned Solar Systems

Customer-owned solar systems funded by the SIP may reduce the amount of energy that these customers require from Liberty. In turn, selected participants will pass on this financial benefit to individuals who live at or receive services from the participating entity.  For example, residents of multi-family complexes should receive credit from on-site solar energy applied to their electricity bill.  The money saved from the SIP could be allocated to fund new programs and services for the targeted community.


Investing in Equity

Applications for SIP will open in early 2024.  Again, through the SIP, Liberty’s goal is to support organizations that serve the underserved community.  Some of the criteria that Liberty will apply in the selection process include information on how the organization serves the underserved members of the community, and the organization’s intended use with the projected cost savings.

Each project may receive up to $250,000 in Liberty incentives, paid upon project completion.  This means that with some projects, Liberty may be able fund up to 100% of the costs for the project!


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Liberty Solar Incentive Program (SIP)