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Are you considering installing solar panels at your home or business?

Liberty customers may install solar at their home or business to offset the amount of electricity they purchase from Liberty with net metering. When net-metered customers use less electricity than their system, they may receive credit for solar electricity produced at their home or business.

Net Metering Application Process

Step 1:

  • All applications for net-metered solar projects must be submitted prior to construction through our online application portal, PowerClerk.

    The following information and documentation is needed to complete the online application:

    1. Customer’s billing/usage history (to determine Annual Requirements for Electricity)
    2. Solar equipment details
    3. Copy of recent customer bill
    4. Site plan showing location of solar on the structure and/or property
    5. One-line electrical drawing of the proposed interconnection
    6. Additional information and documentation as required for specific projects

    Net Metering Application

    NOTE: Systems that are completed before review and approval by Liberty are only eligible for net metering if they can meet, or be modified to meet, Liberty’s net metering rules and standards.

Step 2:

  • Liberty notifies applicants when their proposed system is approved for net metering. Customers and their contractors are responsible for complying with local building department requirements.

    If the solar installation requires an upgrade to the customer's electric service panel, a separate application is required. Read more about electric service applications below.

    Electric Service Application

Step 3:

  • When the solar system is completed and the local building department has inspected and approved the installation, the applicant requests permission to operate from Liberty by submitting the Interconnection Request form on the online application portal.


    The following information and documentation is needed to complete the online interconnection request:

    1. As-built solar equipment details
    2. Copy of the signed off building permit

    After Liberty’s review, the customer electronically signs the Liberty Interconnection Agreement. Liberty then schedules the meter exchange where the existing customer meter is replaced with a bi-directional meter that measures the solar energy exported to the Liberty grid. The customer is sent a “Permission to Operate” notice after the meter exchange is completed.

    IMPORTANT: Operating a solar system before Liberty has given Permission to Operate may result in the customer being charged for solar energy that is exported to Liberty. Charges that result from unauthorized system operation cannot be reversed.


Informational Links 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Not all utilities’ net metering rules are the same. Please carefully review our website and online application for details, and contact us directly before construction if you have any questions.

    530-543-5216 (Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm)

  • Your system will be sized by your solar contractor to produce up to, but not more than, the amount of energy (kWh) that you use each year, which is known as your "Annual Requirements for Electricity." Your billing history is used to determine your Annual Requirements for Electricity. Find your billing history by logging in to the Liberty My Account page or by calling Liberty customer service at 800-782-2506.

    Customers with less than 12 months' billing history may provide a calculation of their expected Annual Requirements for Electricity. This calculation is prepared by a solar professional (either contractor or engineer) who, along with the customer, will sign the document and upload with the application.

  • No. However, there may be federal or state tax incentives. Check with your accountant or state/federal agencies.

  • Liberty does not recommend any specific contractors but helps to inform customers of the best practices for selecting a qualified contractor. To assist with this, you'll find active contractors who are familiar with the solar programs on our Find a Contractor page.

  •  No. In order to prevent billing issues, your system SHOULD NOT BE OPERATED until a meter has been installed and Liberty informs you that the meter has been set.  For safety, it is essential that Liberty monitors the kWh being added to the grid.

For more information, contact the Net Metering Administrator:

530-543-5216 (Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm)