As an electric utility, Liberty’s mission is to sustain energy and water for life. Liberty works to build pathways to a greener, cleaner future for its customers now and for generations to come. To uphold this sustainability commitment and assist customers with their own sustainability goals, Liberty offers a variety of energy efficiency programs.

With Liberty’s Commercial Incentive Program, businesses may be able to save more money and energy by switching to energy-efficient equipment. When businesses upgrade to energy-efficient equipment, Liberty’s program may provide rebates or incentives to help offset the costs of the upgrades.

Eastern Plumas Healthcare is a non-profit district hospital system that serves the Graegle, Loyalton, and Portola areas. With the help of Liberty’s Commercial Incentive Program, Eastern Plumas Healthcare replaced their existing fluorescent tube lighting with new Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) throughout their facility. A total of 601 fixtures were upgraded to LEDs, equating to approximately 55,171.8 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy savings. “Liberty provided an incentive to help offset their install and lighting purchase costs to upgrade to LEDs. This project will also help provide long-term energy savings,” said Breanna Kelly, Project Manager for Liberty’s energy efficiency programs.

With Liberty’s Commercial Incentive Program, Eastern Plumas Healthcare can enjoy the benefits of better lighting and lower energy usage. “Lowering our energy use and our carbon footprint is important to us, both environmentally but also from a fiscal standpoint. We’re a non-profit hospital district, so it allows us to put our funding back into our patient care versus higher energy costs, so that’s a real benefit for us,” said Doug McLoy, CEO of Eastern Plumas Healthcare. “In a 24 hour-seven operation it’s nice to have better lighting so there’s less eye fatigue and overall better health benefits as well.”

Liberty is proud to offer energy-saving solutions and work with both commercial and residential customers to meet their sustainability goals. “With Liberty’s help, our customers have an opportunity to save more electricity, which may save them more money on their electric bills,” said Kelly. “Customers simply need to give us a call or send us an email to get started.”

To learn more about Liberty’s energy efficiency programs, please visit or contact Breanna Kelly at or 530-721-9041.