Note:  The TOU metering program is based on meter availability.  Customers interested in participating in program should submit an application.

Customers who are willing to use less electricity during periods when total energy demand is highest (the peak), can save money by shifting their usage to times with lower rates. Liberty now offers TOU rates to both residential (D-1) and small and medium commercial (A-1 & A-2) customers.

If your schedule allows you to move most of your power consumption to Liberty’s off-peak times (10:01 pm to 7:00 am in winter and 10:01 pm to 10:00 am in summer), live in a single-family dwelling that is either your primary or non-primary residence and use more than the baseline kWh (i.e., maximum amount of kWh allocated to your rate class; differs for winter and summer), then you may be a candidate for this discounted rate. If after the first 12-month period we find that you have spent more on the TOU rate than you would have spent on the standard rate, we’ll credit the difference to your account and restore you to the standard rate.