Electrical Fire Safety

Keep Your Business Safe

Most electrical fires can be traced to overheated circuits and overloaded equipment. When abused, insulation may melt or burn, exposing live wires. Electrical fires can also occur when equipment is driven beyond capacity, or accumulated oil and dirt overheat a motor, or sparks ignite scraps, dirt, dust, or flammable liquids.

Be Prepared: Fire Safety List

Visualize your plan of response in a fire, so you can move quickly if one happens.

Take into accoClip board and handsunt:

  • The nearest multipurpose fire extinguisher and how to use it.
  • The nearest emergency exit or fire escape.
  • Your escape plan.
  • Procedures for notifying fire fighters and other emergency personnel. (Try to extinguish a fire yourself only if you are trained and it's small or non-threatening. When in doubt, get out and take others with you.)