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Medical Baseline Allowance - Residential - California Electric - Liberty

Medical Baseline Allowance

Available to qualified residential customers in California.

This program provides an increase in the baseline allowance, the amount of energy that is charged at the lowest possible rate. If someone in a household has multiple sclerosis, a life-threatening illness, is a paraplegic, quadriplegic, or requires regular use of life-support equipment, they may qualify for this additional allowance of electricity at the lower rate. Both the customer and their doctor must complete a Medical Baseline Application.

Please note: Customers will need a medical professional's signature to enroll in the Medical Baseline Allowance program after June 30, 2021. 



How to Apply

Apply Online

Download Medical Baseline Allowance Application

Download Medical Baseline Allowance Application (Spanish)

To learn more, contact your local Liberty office at 1-800-782-2506 (electric customers only).

Medical Baseline Allowance