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April 2020 Updates:

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Liberty Utilities has implemented an Emergency Disaster Relief Program that provides protections to customers affected by wildfire and other natural disasters. In the event that a State of Emergency is declared at the state or federal level, protections would be available to customers who experience loss or disruption of the delivery or receipt of utility service and/or resulted in the degradation of the quality of utility service.

If these criteria are met, Liberty Utilities will:

  • Waive deposit requirements for residents seeking to re-establish service for one year and expedite move-in and move-out service requests;
  • Stop estimated energy usage for billing attributed to the time period when the home/unit was unoccupied as a result of the emergency;
  • Discontinue billing;
  • Prorate any monthly access charge or minimum charges;
  • Implement payment plan options for residential customers;
  • Suspend disconnection for non-payment and associated fees, waiver of deposit and late fee requirements; and
  • Provide support for low-income residential customers. 

Liberty Utilities Emergency Disaster Relief Program meets compliance with California Public Utilities Commission Resolution M-4833 and M-4835, which makes the aforementioned protections permanent for customers served by regulated water providers in California. 

To learn more about Liberty Utilities’ Emergency Disaster Relief Program please call our 24/7 Customer Service Center at: 1-800-782-2506

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