There are many benefits of home or business solar. You can lower your electric bill, potentially have power during power outage if it's a sunny day and/or if it is combined with battery backup, lower your carbon footprint, and potentially provide power to the Liberty grid.

Net Metering


How do I apply for Net Metering?

Applicants must fill out an online application in Liberty Utilities’ third party vendor, PowerClerk.  

The application is a two-part process:

Part 1:  Applicants fill out the application.  Applicants will need information about the equipment of the proposed system and a copy of a recent electric bill to complete the application. Systems must be designed to offset no more than 100% of annual consumption.

Upon successful review of the application, Liberty Utilities will issue permission to construct.

Part 2:  Applicants will need to submit a signed off building permit and a signed interconnection agreement.

Liberty Utilities will set the new bi-directional net meter and the system may be energized. 

Note:  Most solar installers complete the PowerClerk application on behalf of their customers.

Still have questions?  Contact us at  or call our program coordinator at (530) 536-0543.

Net Metering FAQs

Click Here for the California Public Utilities rules that address Net Metering. For more information, contact our Net Metering Administrator at:
(530) 543-5216 Mon-Fri from 7 am to 4 pm or email

Solar Incentive Program (SIP)

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